Season 1 - In Peripheral Denmark

Sæson 2 - In Peripheral Denmark - Nuuk

Season 2 - The small communities

Season 3 - In the public sector

Season 4 - The Powerfulll

Season 5 - The Suburbs

Season 6 - Dem der prøver at gøre en forskel

Season 6 - Dem der står for trygheden

Specials - Da DR fylder 90 år

Specials - Municipal elections 2017

Sweden - helt til grin?

A stranger crosses my track

Temalørdag - The Offended Denmark?

Do It Like Denmark - USA election


Seer Prisen 2011
Gintberg on the Edge

TV Prisen 2012
Best TV Host

TV Prisen 2013
Factual Entertainment of the Year

TV Prisen 2015
Best TV Host

Prix Europa 2012
No. 2 in Factual Entertainment


Our activities is about people!

For us the goal is to find universal humorous communities between people people across an enormous amount of differences.

The goal is a greater understanding, larger generosity and curiosity and though that an improved coexistence.

We will archive this by

  • Using and examining humorous instruments nationally and internationally
  • Have a throughout satirical approach to all leading dogmas and decision makers
  • Develop formats and projects which builds upon humour as a catalyst for broader communities